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Alyssa Hernandez



    As an artist, I create original portraiture and stylistic digital artwork and compositions. Also developing dynamic 2d animation and motion graphics to exhibit an aesthetically pleasing storytelling method for my viewers. I enjoy pushing past artistic boundaries and experimenting with traditional and digital artwork pieces of realistic colored works based on my photographic creations. Artwork to me is one of my greatest passions, and I demonstrate this through both the raw emotions I feel in my life and my love of the mediums I use. Character development and design are a large aspect of my art when it comes to storyboarding and the creation of my animations, I draw/sketch out the rough lines to my videos and transfer them digitally onto my workspace, depicting cartoonish undertones and detail while still portraying layered plot and character growth. 


My inspiration comes from life experiences I go through and portray through my work, most of the time turning everyday situations into something to be shared through comedic tones. Much like how I photograph not to capture a scene, but to capture the essence of that moment in time, I create animations and films to capture my essence and share it with others through my vision.

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